Wellness Design Redefined

Welcome to Alexis Simón, MBA, WELL AP

Management Consulting & Wellness Design for The Well Building Standard

Wellness Design Redefined

Welcome to Alexis Simón, MBA, WELL AP

Management Consulting & Wellness Design for The Well Building Standard

Wellness Design


WELL Certified

Combining experience and knowledge from Digital Marketing & Plastics Manufacturing, Alexis Simon Design brings the best of business consulting, infused with wellness design certification found in the cultures of The Well Building Standard in order to advance human health and wellness in buildings & communities. The curation is a modern minimalistic, yet classic style of wellness design consulting ranging from the financial health of a corporation to the wellness design of a building, incorporating performance verifications for air, water, sound and light. In additional, The Art of Wellness enhances holistic wellness of different stakeholders, like you. Alexis specializes in fulfilling the optimization of the triple bottom line (People, Planet & Profit) in local communities and the global realm. 


Working WELL

Open the door to new exciting possibilities to create a new space or revolutionize the design of a current room or project to invigorate your daily routine and maximize your cash flow by assigning The Art of Wellness as your project administrator. Alexis Simon has not only traveled the world, but also made great connections along the way through organizations such as The University of Texas, The Texas Capitol, The London School of Economics, The United Nations, LVMH, Sotheby’s, The Art Institute, The Andy Roddick Foundation, The Women’s Symphony League, The Art Crowd at The Blanton Museum as well as The Junior League of Austin, New York & Mexico City. Her network is endless. People are her passion. The Well Building Standard focuses on people. The Art of Wellness empowers individuals to curate the ultimate wellness lifestyle, step by step. Together, we can solve the complex puzzle of health, piece by piece. 

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WELL Harmonized

Comprehensive and interdisciplinary approaches are necessary to meaningfully address the complex issues of human well-being & living well. Many factors of the physical environment have a significant impact on daily health and productivity, but it is the interactions between multiple environmental factors that matter most. 

The WELL Building Standard® draws from multiple disciplines of scientific study, and presents an integrated approach to reinvent the built environment around its occupants, transforming the places we live, work and learn into systems intended to promote and improve well-being, carefully considering interactions between humans and the built environment that shape not only our physical health but also our behavior

The 10 WELL Concepts:

1. Air

2. Water

3. Nourishment

4. Light

5. Movement

6. Mind

7. Thermal Comfort

8. Acoustics

9. Materials

10. Community

The main reason to contact us today? Design rooms full of harmony at a bargain price using our professional discount for furniture, lighting, as well as kitchen & bath materials. Innovation + Interior Design + Wellness go hand in hand. Harmonize your company, home & life. WELL Worth it!


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